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The long awaited moment for our eCognition Oil Palm Application customer’s is here! We released version 2.0 earlier this week and it is full of new functionality, improved detection accuracy and a great modern UI.

The Trimble eCognition Oil Palm Application 2.0 offers an easy-to-use, intuitive graphical user interface for anyone utilizing UAS data in the context of oil palm plantation analyses. With immediate access to automated oil palm detection and oil palm tree analysis tasks, the software puts a powerful, yet simple, guided workflow right into the hands of a production-oriented user.

Key Features & Highlight:

  • A deep learning AI-driven tree detection approach has been implemented to improve the overall automated detection accuracy across palm ages – young to mature. In addition, the approach reduces processing times and simplifies manual quality control actions.
    Furthermore, this new detection approach no longer requires the input or calculation of a digital terrain model (DTM) by Application users. The Application fully supports the analysis with or without a DSM.
  • Functionality has been extended to include the automatic generation of tree addresses – comprising the block name, row and tree number. The tree address accounts for ghost tree locations and the addressing tools support various row orientations and tree distributions. Address information is included in the deliverables for use in GIS and spreadsheets.
  • More and improved deliverables are available to users in version 2.0. In addition to generating shapefiles for GIS that include Blocks, Trees and Crowns, users also receive shapefiles for ghost trees and gap areas.
    The PDF report has also received a new look and feel to make it easier to consume at management levels – all valuable information is available in a focused overview.
  • The reporting formats have been extended to include Excel inputs for both Block statistics and single trees, providing users with a direct transition to a multitude of statistical breakdowns.

If you are interested to see how our new Oil Palm Application works, watch our webinar – it includes a full technical demonstration of all the new functionality and the new workflow.


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