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Our team recently supported the University of Bergen in getting their Spring remote sensing course up and running for a number of Masters students confined to quarters by COVID-19. eCognition Developer licenses were provided to all course participants for the duration of the course as it moved online. Despite the circumstances Dr. Benjamin Robson, from the University of Bergen, reported that the course went well and the reaction from students was “overwhelmingly positive”.

Our regional channel partner, TerraNor, assisted with several modules, including machine learning techniques within eCognition.

At the end of the course, students submitted their projects. In the end, they only ended up with 2 weeks to complete these which is a wonderful testament to the usability of remote sensing technology within eCognition. Here is a sampling of some of the eCognition projects. 

The topics range from wildfire damage assessment to detection of glacial areas. All in all, exciting research is being done out there!

I would like to thank Ben and his students for sharing these projects with us and hope you enjoy them as well. The posters from each project can be viewed below:

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