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The first issue of this year’s eCognition News brings us back to the forests of Scandinavia. This time we are reviewing the use of eCognition for forest health monitoring.

The study, entitled Satellite Imagery Vital to Proactive Forestry Management, was carried out by TerraNor, a WorldView Global Alliance partner based in Norway. Nils Erik Jørgensen, of TerraNor, examined methods for identifying forest affected by the growing bark beetle infestation and assessing wind storm damage using 50cm resolution GeoEye-1 and WorldView-2 monochrome imagery.

Using the eCognition Developer software, bark beetle affected trees are classified into three health categories: good condition, sick and dead. According to Jørgensen, the eCognition-based approach in combination with satellite imagery “provides a tremendous advantage, both technically and economically” as it allows for the quick detection of diseased trees. Loggers can then go into such areas and mitigate efficiently.

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