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Trimble’s own Ron Bisio recently had an interesting article entitled “Automated Modeling – smart, fast, flexible” in the April 2017 edition of The American Surveyor. He discusses the advancements in scanning and imaging technology over the years and the challenges they present for geospatial professionals.

“Automated classification of aerial imagery can extract information on structures, vegetation and surfaces. Like most computerized systems, the goal of automated modeling is to reduce the time humans spend on a task. While human judgment remains a vital part of data processing and analysis, automated tools make it faster and easier to provide high-value services and deliverables.”

The Trimble eCognition software is at the forefront when it comes to automating the image analysis process – enabling users to transform geospatial data into geo-information. We have actively been meeting the challenges presented by the advancements in imaging technology. As data is getting bigger and more plentiful, the market is demanding ever faster turn-around. The multi-core processing power of eCognition is advancing the automated image analysis capabilities for our users by reducing processing times by 3-fold.

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