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Machine Learning vs. Knowledge-Based Classification for Landslide Mapping
One more great Trimble eCognition story coming at you before we all go our separate ways on Summer vacation! This piece from Karantanellis et al., 2021, entitled “ Evaluation of Machine Learning Algorithms for Object-Based Mapping of Landslide Zones Using…
eCognition Leading the Pack in OBIA Software
I recently stumbled upon an interesting comparative analysis of several software packages that offer Object-Based Image Analysis (OBIA) analysis approaches. No surprise, Trimble eCognition was one of them. Lourenço et al. 2020 examined the potential of eCognition Developer, Orfeo Toolbox/Monteverdi…
Featured Posts
Green Up Day in the 21st Century – Using UAVs to Find Litter
Sometimes corporate mottos and slogans, such as our own “ Transforming the way the world works ”, do not seem to relate to our daily grind, but after reading the publication from Gonçalves et al. 2020, I walked away with deeper understanding…
The Return of the eCognition Community
We are excited to announce that the eCognition Community is back in a new format after some downtime needed to make well deserved improvements and modernization. The eCognition Community is now part of the greater eCognition Knowledge Base …
Hope for the Great Barrier Reef
To honor World Oceans Day , we would like to feature the great work being done by the University of Queensland, a Trimble Innovation Program (TIP) partner. Researchers at the Remote Sensing Research Centre, School of Earth & Environmental…
Field Boundary Delineation with Multi-Temporal Sentinel-2 Imagery
We are often asked how Trimble eCognition can be used to detect agriculture fields from imagery and we typically tell our users to consider a multi-temporal analysis approach as fields change through time depending on the growing season and crop type. Our…

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