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Analyzing 150 Years of Change in Bavaria
Typically, when we think of change detection in a remote sensing context, we consider the difference between a set of images captured over a fixed area during a relatively short period of time, such as imagery from 2005 compared to imagery from…
eCognition goes Underground
The majority of our users operate above ground and a few even under water, but very few take eCognition technology underground. Our customer ExxonMobil has done just this. Over the past 5+ years, I have been working together with a team of…
Featured Posts
The Return of the eCognition Community
We are excited to announce that the eCognition Community is back in a new format after some downtime needed to make well deserved improvements and modernization. The eCognition Community is now part of the greater eCognition Knowledge Base …
eCognition on the Rocks – Detecting Rock Glaciers with Deep Learning & OBIA
The Summer holidays are coming to an end and as we return I thought I would provide some interesting reading material. I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Ben Robson a number of years ago before joining the Trimble eCognition team and…
Hope for the Great Barrier Reef
To honor World Oceans Day , we would like to feature the great work being done by the University of Queensland, a Trimble Innovation Program (TIP) partner. Researchers at the Remote Sensing Research Centre, School of Earth & Environmental…
Field Boundary Delineation with Multi-Temporal Sentinel-2 Imagery
We are often asked how Trimble eCognition can be used to detect agriculture fields from imagery and we typically tell our users to consider a multi-temporal analysis approach as fields change through time depending on the growing season and crop type. Our…

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